Ahmad Maarop
President of the Court of Appeal

Tan Sri Dato' Sri Ahmad Maarop is the President of the Court of Appeal.

His Lordship was the Chief Judge of Malaya. His Lordship serves as a Federal Court judge since his appointment on 10 August 2011.

His Lordship was appointed as a Judicial Commissioner on 1 June 2000, as a judge of the High Court on 1 March 2002, and as a judge of the Court of Appeal on 18 July 2007.

His Lordship has served as the head of the Advisory and International Division of Attorney General’s Chambers, Senior Deputy Public Prosecutor, and Commissioner Law Revision and Reform Malaysia.

Tan Sri Dato' Sri Ahmad Maarop has also served as a Magistrate, Deputy Public Prosecutor for the State of Johor, Deputy Public Prosecutor of Royal Custom and Excise Department of Malaysia, State Legal Advisor of Perlis, Head of Prosecution Unit for the State of Penang, Senior Federal Counsel of Ministry of Home Affairs, and State Legal Advisor of Kelantan.

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